COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) has affected every country in the world. We at picoNETS are deeply concerned about this and are doing our best to support the customers during the pandemic. 

picoNETS is offering the following solutions for sustenance in the post COVID world as mentioned below.


Media Delivery   CDN for Media Delivery

  • OTT and Media companies are experiencing an exponential growth in Traffic
  • picoNETS is happy to offer them competitive pricing and flexible terms
  • You no longer need to reduce the quality of videos
  • We can deliver Full HD or 4K


    For contactless commerce

  • Contact Less applications can be accerated by our onpremise Edge CDN
  • Content get delivered locally as well by Caching Images and Videos
  • No more transaction failures as transactions are delivered over Wired Internet or 4G
  • For backup Internet we can load balance between multiple Wired connections or 4G


    For Work From Home (WFH) Users

  • Priority (QoS) for enterprise applications / conference call
  • VPN Security right in the Home
  • CDN for accelerating Website and applications
  • DNS caching for faster Internet Experience
  • Backup 4G Failover


    For Carriers and Service Providers

  • Service provides are seeing a major increase in traffic but limited increase in reveues
  • With our solution, the more the traffic the more the revenue!
  • We offer revenue share for our Carriers
  • Faster Delivery of secure content (HTTPS) and software updates (HTTP)
  • Improve user experiences
  • Reduced Backhaul traffic
  • Pre-caching of Content


Please get in touch today to discuss your specific requirement!