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    How picoNETS can help during COVID-19

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    Deep Edge CDN

    Our revolutionary CDN delivers your content closest to your users

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    Multi CDN

    State of the art delivery using AS based routing

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Improve your CDN performance by up to 4 times with picoNETS!


Do you know even a second's delay can cause you a loss of thousands of new viewers? Do you know a website generally takes 2.5 seconds to load? This causes extra hops, added latency, and results in user dissatisfaction.


This is where picoNETS comes into the picture!


picoNETS is a Deep Edge Caching and Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our Deep Edge CDN performs better than traditional CDNs. We achieve this by bringing your content closer to your users. 

With our Ultra-Low Latency CDN, we deliver a buffer-free experience for Full HD, 4K, AR, VR, and other bandwidth-demanding content.

Every edge location of our distribution network includes a pool of Points of Presence (PoPs) that ensures your users are just a hop away.


Infinite Scalability

Scaleable from the Edge to the Data Center

Faster Streaming

Your users watch videos faster without any buffering

Secure Delivery

Addtional protection for your content

Real-time Analytics

You get to know the popularity of your content in real-time. Use this information to customize content for your consumers

DeepEdge API

Deliver the Content to the CDN node even Before any customer Traffic